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The potential influence of database configuration on the derivation of trace element partitioning expressions for clinopyroxene Public Deposited

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  • Decades of experimental work has illustrated the high degree to which the partitioning of most elements is dependent on phase composition, temperature and pressure. In order to quantitatively describe clinopyroxene partitioning it is required to derive expressions using theoretical constraints calibrated with experimental data. The experimental database available for such an analysis has grown considerably in the past decade, both in number of experiments and the range of compositional and experimental conditions. Our research focused on the compilation of this newly available experimental clinopyroxene data as part of the ongoing update of the Geochemical Earth Reference Model (GERM) partition coefficient database. Previous versions of GERM provided a summary of partitioning information from the literature. In this current update, data on phase composition and experimental conditions are being added. Our analysis suggests there are great differences in numbers of experiments between different elements, as well as in the distribution of pyroxene composition, melt composition, and experimental temperature and pressure for each element, all of which may have a significant effect on calibration. Understanding the characteristics of the database we are working with when deriving numerical expressions will help us avoid mistakes in application and provide helpful guidelines for future experimental designs.
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