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Breaking Down Blackout: Building Understanding of Media Effects at OSU Public Deposited

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  • In the days following Oct. 5, 2007, the staff of The Daily Barometer - the student newspaper at Oregon State University - was left scrambling for understanding. The paper published a image of a man wearing black face paint for an event called "Blackout Reser." That black face paint looked like Mistrel-era blackface to many on campus. University officials were calling for a teachable moment. A case study was conducted by surveying those involved in conversations following "Blackout Reser" to identify the training needs of the OSU Department of Student Media as well as examine the "Blackout Reser" incident in detail. Case studies of other universities examine incidents across the racial spectrum. The OSU Department of Student Media needs not one training solution but an ongoing and ever-present training in the areas of diversity, inclusion and systems of oppression. The Daily Barometer staff failed to act quickly because of a lack of understanding of both the history of media effects nationwide and media effects at Oregon State University.
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