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A Comparative Study of Funding and Budgeting Profiles of Collegiate Athletic Bands, with an Emphasis on Alumni Relations Public Deposited

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  • This study is a comparison to establish similarities between the funding resources of college and university athletic bands. The secondary objective is to determine the funding potential that exists as a result of alumni relations. In order to obtain funding information for a variety of athletic band programs, a survey was sent out to the College Band Directors National Association email list. Fifty-four responses were returned from across the country. In an effort to assimilate a variety of raw data formats, schools were ranked according to their performance in the 2009-10 NACDA Directors’ Cup standings. A similarity in funding profiles among schools near the top of these standings depicts high average funding levels. The use of alumni associations as funding sources is not universal amongst survey respondents. The results show that an effectively organized and maintained alumni association can provide tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship or operating costs. It is the recommendation of the author that band directors pursue alumni organizations within athletic band programs to secure additional funding.
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