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Can Website Design Save Restaurants from a Pandemic? Público Deposited

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  • Under the influence of Covid-19, restaurants in Corvallis, OR have changed significantly. Different restaurants have their unique charm to ensure that demand from consumers is met and improved concurrently. How will the website design of each restaurant and other factors affect their ratings? Will these changes impact the current operation status of the restaurant? This paper collected information on 82 local Corvallis restaurants, which can be sorted by two rating categories: the website design rating and the restaurant's star rating. The study utilizes Corvallis and acquires a thorough insight into the various background factors that determine the existence of a restaurant’s success. Creating a more conducive environment for sales has always been important in any business setup but with the current pandemic, more measures are expected to be employed to ensure the safety of staff and consumers.
  • Key Words: Restaurants, Website Design, Ratings, Yelp, Restaurant Ratings, Health Score, COVID-19
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