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Design of a Digital to Analog Converter for Implementation in an On‐Chip Calibration Interface Public Deposited

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  • The integration of digital and analog systems on single CMOS integrated circuits will continue to be a major area of research as the consumer market demands low power mobile devices in mass quantity. In prototypical analog integrated systems, calibration is often necessary to achieve the desired performance. In this thesis, the design and implementation of a 10‐bit digital‐to‐analog converter (DAC) is presented. The converter is part of an on‐chip calibration system that the author’s group designed for mixed‐signal integrated circuits. The system allows a reduction of the number of pins used for analog or digital calibration. In any integrated system, die area is a major consideration, so the DAC was designed with minimization of area in mind. Simulation results showing the linearity of the DAC, with the effects of transistor mismatch, are presented. The design was fabricated in a 0.5‐μm CMOS process. The measured results and a discussion of factors that affected the results are followed by a overview of the design and simulation results for a 10‐bit delta‐sigma DAC.
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