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Evaluation of the LifeKnowledge Curriculum and its usability in the Oregon Agricultural Sciences classroom Public Deposited

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  • The LifeKnowledge curriculum is a recent initiative of the National FFA Organization to develop key learning precepts in agriculture education students. This material utilizes cutting-edge teaching techniques in lesson plans designed to develop leadership, teamwork, personal development, and communication abilities in students. This project surveyed current agriculture teachers in Oregon to determine their use and experience with the LifeKnowledge materials. Pre-service teachers were also instructed on using the material and qualitative data were collected on their experience. The studies found the majority of Oregon agriculture teachers have used the curriculum, and most indicated enjoying the material, as well as their students. The respondents’ training was evaluated and correlations found between quality of training received and overall ability to incorporate the curriculum into their classrooms. Other trends included small classes experiencing more success, younger students enjoying the curriculum more than older students, and teachers aged 27-32 having the easiest time incorporating LifeKnowledge into the classrooms. The pre-service teachers experienced some difficulty in utilizing the material, indicating limited time and poor student response in some instances. This project recommended a four-module training be developed for agriculture teachers.
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