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The Use of RT News in the Projection of Putin's Foreign Policy Narrative Public Deposited

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  • Far from the decimated state it was during the 1990s, Russia has risen to become a key player in many international events, often in opposition to the West. In particular, President Putin and his allies have invested heavily in increasing both Russia’s soft power, or its attractiveness to other countries, as well as in developing hybrid warfare, which is the use of information technologies as coercive measures. Some claim that RT News, a Kremlin funded english language news source, is a tool for supporting Russian foreign policy aims. Using a database built from RT News articles, this thesis examines the correlation between their coverage and Putin’s foreign policy narrative. The data indicates that RT News is an aspect of hybrid warfare, with a specific focus on undermining and delegitimizing Western states. However, the coverage is not universal, but differs greatly depending on the topic and medium. Nevertheless, this use of media as a foreign policy tool is a threat to the integrity of news media and should be viewed as a Russian foreign policy tool that is potentially damaging.
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