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Looking at Community Programs as Bridges to Connect Teachers and Minority Parents in Oregon Public Deposited

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  • With a growing minority population in Oregon classrooms, the demand of knowledge from both minority parents and teachers has grown. Minority parents want to learn more about navigating the education system in Oregon and teachers want to learn how to help them. In this paper I analyzed data from TEAMS (Teachers Educating All Multilingual Students) in which one of its objectives was to partner teachers and community programs to planning a community event for English Learners and their parents. The following questions were further analyzed: What are the benefits of parent and teacher relationships on the Latino student population in Oregon? What features can support strengthening relationships between teachers and Latino parents? Collecting data through focus groups made up of participating teachers and using grounded theory to analyze the data, three themes arose when thinking about facilitating communication among minority parents and teachers: 1) creating welcoming and safe spaces; 2) building a supportive community; and 3) working across cultural and linguistic differences. Moreover, in this paper I examined not only the only benefits but also recommendations for planning such events. Key Words: community programs, minority parents, education system
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