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Efficient P2P media dissemination with forward error correction Public Deposited

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  • Media application on the internet has become more and more popular as the bandwidth of the network links increase. The bottleneck of the existing media systems is no longer the link bandwidth at user’s end, but the server’s ability to handle streaming requests. These existing streaming systems do not scale up to a large number of users. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) architecture allows the system to scale up to a large number of users by using the peer to help forward data. However, because the peers in a P2P system participate in the data forwarding process, the performance of the P2P system depends on the reliability and robustness of the peers. We propose a hybrid P2P topology that is efficient in both bandwidth utilization and scalability. This paper describes the construction and the algorithm design of our proposed data dissemination scheme. In order to achieve reliability and robustness requirements of real-time media applications, we implemented Forward Error Correction (FEC) which substantially improves the packet loss rate at the peer’s end. The system can be scaled up to a large number of users and is capable of disseminating high-quality media (audio and video) stream.
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