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Empowering pedagogy : a case study of non-traditional teaching methods and philosophy at the Centro de Educación Creativa Public Deposited

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  • Empowering pedagogy (also know as “transgressive,” “emancipatory,” or “democratic” forms of education) seeks to challenge the historically oppressive tendencies of traditional education. As a student of Social Justice and International Studies, I approach the topic of empowering pedagogy through a case study. My research explored this non-traditional educational philosophy and its implementation as realized at a school in Monteverde, Costa Rica. By reviewing literature on empowering pedagogy, I gained a framework to make meaning of the educational practices I observed. From preschool through high school, the Centro de Educación Creativa provides an example of environmentally and socially conscious teaching methods. I volunteered for five months at the “Creativa” as a classroom assistant and conducted my research interviews. I also observed and recorded the challenges the school faced when implementing their philosophy and methods of education. This thesis is intended to act as a resource to those interested in empowering pedagogy and those who work for the Creativa.
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