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Into the Garden: Environmental Education and Resources for K-5 Public Deposited

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  • This thesis aims to address barriers that K-5 educators face when implementing environmental education in classrooms. An in-depth study of the history of environmental education in the United States identifies primary barriers and issues. Focusing specifically on garden education programs, six lesson plans for K-5 were created to address the identified educator barriers. These barriers include a lack of background environmental knowledge and engaging lesson plans and activities. Each lesson plan added on to the learning from the previous grade and culminated in a creative final project that emphasized hands-on learning, creative and critical thinking, and group work. A Plant Identification Book was developed to serve as a supplemental resource for educators, students, and families. This book featured over twenty different species commonly found in gardens. These resources will be available for any educator that wishes to utilize them in the hopes that they can reach a diverse audience. Every student is entitled to a well-rounded education that supplies them with the necessary knowledge, skill, and resources to survive and thrive in the world. Barriers preventing this from happening are a disadvantage to younger generations and will not benefit our society.
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