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Assessing the Quality of Three Dimensional Simplified Spherical Harmonic (SPN) Radiation Transport Solutions to Source Detector Problems Public Deposited

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  • The research objective is to assess the performance of the SPN transport method, with a traditional finite volume spatial discretization in Cartesian geometry, on source detector problems relevant to urban detonation of an improvised nuclear device. In particular, we observe the character of the solution as a function of the number of angular moments. To perform this investigation, we develop a computer code that calculates the solution of the linear system of equations of the SPN method with finite volume spatial differencing given information about the radiation source, SPN order, nuclear data, spatial mesh and boundary conditions. Matlab is used as the programming platform. The software is verified via comparison with analytic results and independent numerical results in slab geometry. Upon completion of the comparison we investigate the quality of the solution of complicated 3D problems and the effect of angular expansion order on the quality of results using the industry standard Monte Carlo code MCNP5 results but it is found that the quality of solution improves with increasing expansion order, but errors arising out of poor spatial resolution cannot be reduced with increasing expansion order.
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