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Sexual and Reproductive Health Education in Maunatlala, Botswana Public Deposited

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  • The purpose of this thesis is the development of a comprehensive sexual and reproductive health (SRH) education program for the junior secondary school in Maunatlala, Botswana. Community based participatory research methods were followed throughout this project to develop a relevant and culturally sensitive program. Data was collected through interviews with a diverse group of 35 community members during summer 2019. Data from interviews was organized into relevant topics, codes were assigned based on the information, and overarching themes were identified. The program created contains five units: human body & development; forming positive interpersonal relationships; preventing negative SRH outcomes; sexual and reproductive rights, availability and access to health services; and social norms, gender and open communication regarding health topics. The information that community stakeholders shared guided the creation of this SRH education program and the contents of each unit. Information from various sources were reviewed in the context of the culture and needs of Maunatlala to create a program that best serves the community. The program is designed to provide students with accurate SRH information in a way that requires minimal resources and can be easily adapted to improve following evaluation of the pilot program and input from stakeholders. Key Words: Sexual and reproductive health education, global Health, Botswana, comprehensive, public health
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