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Sonification of DNA Chromatogram Data of Lionepha Species Public Deposited

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  • Sonification is an emerging field that highlights and translates the patterns of data into sound. In this way, the auditory sense functions as an interface for transmitting information in a meaningful way. There have been many previous applications of sonification in research and professional settings. However, this field remains an uncommon method for data analysis. In this study, I implemented sonification techniques by creating four different compositions that represented different DNA chromatogram sequences of the species, L. casta, L. erasa, and L. tuulukwa. Through this process, I gained insight into how sonification techniques can provide an effective means for data analysis and data communication. This project also provided personal value by exploring my musical preferences. Sonification is a rare example that emphasizes the parallels between art and science and demonstrates the importance of doing so. Key Words: sonification, auditory display, Lionepha, chromatogram, art and science, compositions
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