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Writing With Light : An Exploration of Cinematography and Visual Storytelling Public Deposited

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  • Mastering the art and craft of cinematography is a lifelong endeavor requiring an unfaltering amount of passion and commitment to developing creative and technical skills of visual storytelling. Like authors of literature, cinematographers are writers. However, instead of words a cinematographer speaks a visual language using light and camerawork. In addition a cinematographer must bridge the gap between art and technology. In short the DP must have the creative vision and the technical knowhow required to capture the scene as it was visualized in mind’s eye. During my junior year as a student filmmaker I started a production company (Black Snow Films) with the intention of using its productions for a thesis as well as a career stepping stone. In this thesis I will reflect on five of my productions from a creative and technical perspective. The statements will be broken down into sections that introduce the project, break down the artistic and creative vision for the cinematography, and lastly elaborate on how the cinematography was executed. Spreading out over the course of years, these productions I consider benchmarks in my growth as a filmmaker. These videos range from music videos to award winning short films and documentaries.
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