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Ke Truyen Ma : Vietnamese Refugees Altering The Course of U.S. History Public Deposited

Kể Truyện Ma : Vietnamese Refugees Altering The Course of U.S. History

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  • Since the 1960s, Vietnamese scholars have written autobiographical literature catered to the American public though they have not gotten as much recognition as soldier accounts and anti-war literature. These Vietnamese literatures shifted in scope and form with the succeeding waves of refugee resulted from the war in Việt Nam. As the Vietnamese population assimilated into the American culture, a new field of Vietnamese American literature was formed. These publications share the common themes of the ghost as figurative for trauma, food as language of identity, and divided nationalism. In recent years, they have expanded in variety from prose to poetry, graphic novel, and play. This thesis aims to recommend and analyze distinguished literature by contemporary Vietnamese American authors in hopes of changing the way the war in Việt Nam is memorialized and taught by revealing the multigenerational impact of this war. In conducting survey and recording oral history, the thesis hopes to aid Vietnamese American youth understand their identities and unpack the legacy of war in each of their families. Additionally, this thesis proposes some areas of inquiry for future researches. Specifically, this thesis suggests further questions regarding multiracialism, multiethnicity, internal migration, and the multigenerational trauma of other Indochina nations such as Laos and Cambodia.
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