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The Interaction Between the fruitless Gene and Complex Behavior in Drosophila Public Deposited

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  • CantonS wild-type flies were used to determine sex-specific differences in the daily locomotor activity patterns in males and females. Under light entrainment, when flies are kept in a 12:12 light-dark condition, both males and females showed bimodal activity with a morning peak around lights-on and an evening peak around lights off. In addition, distinct sex-specific characteristics of the activity pattern were found as had been reported in previous studies. Males were much less active in the middle of the day and had greater level of activity in anticipation of lights on compared to female flies. Females had a greater overall level of activity that was due to being more active during the day (lights on period). In order to determine if the genes involved in sexdetermination were responsible for the sex-specific differences in activity, a total of thirteen genotypes of male fruitless mutants, two genotypes of female fruitless mutants, and six genotypes of female-masculinized mutants were analyzed for their locomotor activity. Males that were mutant for the male-specific products of fru, were found to have an overall decrease in activity levels and to have less anticipation of lights on whereas females genetically masculinized for DsxM and FruM did not show male specific activity patterns.
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