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Cultural changes influencing rising obesity rates in France Public Deposited

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  • A survey of a non-random sample of adults was conducted in Angers, France to investigate possible cultural changes in dietary behaviors that may contribute to increasing rates of obesity. Participants described contemporary habits regarding eating habits and activity level, as well as attitudes and opinions about obesity. The results largely supported information from previous literature about contemporary habits, such as an increased usage of supermarkets. The results also highlighted differences between generations. These differences were most pronounced for the consumption of convenience foods and eating between meals. In open-ended questions, participants focused on the increased pace of life and subsequent loss of free time. The changes found in the survey suggest a cultural shift in habits relating to weight, including a decreased frequency of traditional meals; increased snacking and availability of food; increased consumption of junk food, fast food, and prepared meals; sedentary lifestyles related to increased use of motor transportation, reduced required activity for daily activities, and increased sedentary pastimes; increased stress and reduced free-time; and a reduction in parental control over the diets of children.
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