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Project Management and Design of a Modularized Internet of Things (IoT) Prototyping System

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  • Project Loom is a system of sensors, actuators, processors, and wireless connectivity chips that the user can pick and choose from in order to create an Internet of Things application that fits their desired needs. The modularity of the system and ease of use allows for the user to create their application without high costs or programming and soldering experience. This thesis begins with a description of the overall project and the testing validation that was used on the system, and then delves into the project management that went into the process from conception to the final system as well as details the design specifications, validation and integration for the I2C sensors and enclosure that were used for this project. The end of the document focuses on the case studies that the project has been used for this year as well as potential future applications that could be explored. The information contained in this document should provide the reader with insight into the inner workings of the I2C sensor block and enclosure as well as the project management process used so that they can recreate and even build upon the author’s portion of Project Loom.
  • Key Words: Engineering, Project Management, Project Development, Internet of Things, IoT
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