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UAS for Surveying and Mapping Applications : Educational Materials Public Deposited

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  • These course materials provide students with a theoretical and practical background in operational use of UAS for surveying and mapping. Instructors can use these modules for a standalone course or integrate select modules into their existing curricula, as desired. Specifically, these materials cover the following learning outcomes to enable students to (1) understand national rules, regulations, and safety procedures pertaining to the use of UAS for surveying and mapping applications, (2) implement new and emerging forms of photogrammetry, such as structure from motion (SfM)/multi-view stereo (MVS) applied to imagery collected from unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), (3) perform mission planning for photogrammetric projects, including planning flight lines and estimating project costs, (4), plan and execute effective ground control surveys for UAS surveying and mapping based on accuracy requirements, (5) understand error sources and error propagation in UAS surveying and mapping workflows, (6) gain theoretical and applied understanding of direct georeferencing of data acquired from UAS, and (7) be familiar with a wide range of applications of UAS technology.
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  • This educational content was developed under Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Every Day Counts round five (EDC-5) Grant #693JJ320F000028 to WSP, Inc., and subaward #182858 OSU TO No. 1 to Oregon State University.
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