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  • Cable yarding systems (also sometimes known as skyline yarding systems) are a versatile means for transporting materials in mountainous terrain in situations that do not allow for conventional harvesting methods such as ground skidding or shovel-logging. Adequate ground anchors are necessary for the safe operation of cable yarding systems. Anchored guylines stabilize the yarding tower enabling the safe transport of payloads. Typically, the anchors employed in these operations are available stumps or trees. Where adequate stumps or trees are not available, a variety of alternative anchors can be applied. These includes buried deadman anchors, log decks, engineered earth anchors, rock bolts, and mobile equipment anchors such as bulldozers or skidders. This report provides an overview of cable yarding systems and the various anchoring systems that can be used to support them. The report describes mobile anchors in detail and presents the results of a series of physical load tests used to evaluate their stability. An analytical design solution for mobile anchor capacity based on force equilibrium analyses is presented. The information presented herein, including mobile anchor testing and analysis, is intended to serve as an instructive document outlining safe guidelines and considerations for implementation of mobile anchor systems. The intent is that this report and the field guide will expedite forest operations, reduce timber harvesting costs and, most importantly, protect workers involved in cable yarding operations.
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