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Investigation of the abundance and benthic distribution of pink shrimp, Pandalus jordani, off the northern Oregon coast: Final report, July 1, 1969 to June 30, 1970 Public Deposited

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  • On July 1, 1969, the Fish Commission of Oregon, under contract by the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries, began a 1-year study of the pink shrimp (Pandalus jordani Rathbun) off Tillamook Head, Oregon. The primary goal was to determine the seasonal movement of this special within a given area. The study hoped to define patterns of sex or age segregation and seasonal movement of pink shrimp with these objectives: 1) Determine benthic movements of pink shrimp in the off Tillamook Head, Oregon by sampling at approximately monthly intervals for 1 year at stations arranged in a grid pattern. 2) Determine the location of 0-age shrimp to establish if a) They move into the area from a specific direction indicating migration from a nursery area or, b) If they are interspersed among the adult population. A second goal developed during the course of the study, which was to establish the effect of light intensity and the density of shrimp on their vertical distribution during the daytime.
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  • Commercial Fisheries Research and Development Act, Project 1-3-R-S, Contract No. 14-17-0001-2134



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