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Field Grafting Grapevines in Oregon Public Deposited

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  • There are basically two types of grafting, bench grafting and field grafting. Worldwide the main reasons for bench grafting vines are: a) to obtain vines of the desired fruiting variety on roots resistant to phylloxera or nematodes, or b) to obtain vines on roots tolerant to certain soil conditions such as drought or high lime. The main reasons for field grafting are: a) to correct mixed varieties in an established vineyard, or b) to change the variety of an established vineyard. In Oregon, the current main objectives of grafting are to correct mixed varieties within a block and to change one variety to another, because the existing variety is unsuitable for the site or the winery. Phylloxera is not yet a problem in Oregon so grafting vinifera onto resistant rootstocks may not be required. There has been an increase in interest in field grafting grapevines in Oregon. Field grafting in Oregon as well as other cool climate areas has had very limited success. Previous studies indicate that percent graft success in Oregon can range from about 30% to 95% depending on, among other factors, the weather in the Spring. Results this Spring indicate that percent take can be as low as 1%.
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