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Ecological studies of radioactivity in the Columbia River Estuary and adjacent Pacific Ocean : progress report 1 July 1970 through 30 June 1971 Public Deposited

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  • This annual report describes progress in marine radioecological studies under USAEC Contract Number AT(45-1)2227 Task Agreement 12 during the period 1 July 1970 through 30 June 1971. This contract number replaces USAEC Contract Number AT(45-1)1750 which started 1 June 1962. Although the basic report format has not been greatly changed from previous years, a major emphasis is now being given to inclusion of materials that are well along the way toward publication. Papers submitted or accepted for publication during the past year are included in their present form along with reprints of published papers. Research in progress, which has previously been reported in detail, is briefly described without presentation of data. Sections on routine laboratory operations and methodology are much reduced. The thirteen chapters which we have contributed to Bioenvironmental Studies of the Columbia River Estuary and Adjacent Ocean Region A.T. Pruter and 6.L. Alverson, eds.) are not reprinted this year, although some effort has been given to their revision and to the technical problems of getting them published. Hopefully, that book will be published during the next contract period. Consequently, this year's report stresses what has been accomplished somewhat more than what is being accomplished. The past year has been productive. The reprint/preprint section includes 16 papers. In addition, one Ph.D. and seven master's theses have been completed. Several additional papers are in rough manuscript form, but are not ready for submission to a journal at the time of this report. The final shutdown of the Hanford reactors has stimulated several new research projects which are reflected in the "Research in Progress" section. Once again we have attempted to categorize our efforts as: Radioecology, Radiobiology, Nekton, and Benthos, although such a classification is somewhat artificial. During the past year our research team and their areas of specialization have been Dr. Cutshall (geochemistry), Dr. Renfro (radiobiology), Dr. Forster (radiochemistry), Dr. Pearcy (nekton ecology), and Drs. Carey and McCauley (benthic ecology). Dr. Cutshall has been responsible for most of the administrative chores and Dr. McCauley has edited this report. Dr. Forster spent two months last summer on the project before returning to the Marine Biological Program at the Puerto Rican Nuclear Center at Mayaguez.
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