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Implementation of Greater Sage-Grouse Resource Management Plan Revisions or Amendments - Oil & Gas Leasing and Development Sequential Prioritization Public Deposited

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  • This Instruction Memorandum (IM) provides guidance on prioritizing implementation decisions for Bureau of Land Management (BLM) oil and gas leasing and development, to be consistent with the Approved Resource Management Plan Amendments for the Rocky Mountain and Great Basin GRSG Regions and nine Approved Resource Management Plans in the Rocky Mountain GRSG Region ( collectively referred to as the GRSG Plans). This IM applies to activities in the areas covered by both the Rocky Mountain (RM) and Great Basin (GB) Regions Records of Decision (RODs), issued by the BLM in September 2015.1 This IM also contains reporting requirements for communication between State Offices and the Washington Office. The objectives ofthis IM are: to ensure consistency across BLM offices when implementing the GRSG Plans decisions aimed at avoiding or limiting new surface disturbance in Priority Habitat Management Areas (PHMAs ), including Sagebrush Focal Areas (SF As), and minimizing surface disturbance in General Habitat Management Areas (GHMAs); and to provide clarity to the BLM Field Offices on how to move forward with oil and gas leasing and development activities within designated GRSG habitats2• This IM provides guidance on how the BLM will exercise the Secretary of the Interior's discretion with regard to leasing activities in order to fulfill the conservation commitments in the GRSG Plans, to facilitate efforts to reduce the costs to project proponents and the BLM from the potentially extended time it may take for leasing and permitting within GRSG habitat, and to demonstrate that the GRSG Plans are being implemented consistently and transparently. BLM offices are encouraged to work collaboratively with relevant state and federal agencies as well as stakeholders to develop strategies and incentives to encourage and prioritize leasing and development outside of GRSG habitats.
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