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Effects of forest roads and tree removal in or near wetlands of the Pacific Northwest : a literature synthesis Public Deposited

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  • Because studies of forestry effects on wetlands have been so infrequent in the Pacific Northwest, each section in this report drew heavily from studies of forestry impacts to streams and riparian zones. After assembly and synthesis, that information was extrapolated, mostly in the form of hypotheses, to the very different conditions known to be present in the region’s wetlands. Inferences were based largely on the author’s knowledge of wetland functions and decades of experience as a wetland scientist in this region. In a similar manner, information from pertinent studies of the region’s wetlands was used to hypothesize the possible effects of forest practices on wetlands even when a particular study did not specifically address the separate effects of timber harvests, logging roads, or silvicultural chemicals. As such, this study provides an initial framework for considering how to examine the reality and perhaps the extent of those effects.
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  • Adamus, Paul R. 2014. Effects of forest roads and tree removal in or near wetlands of the Pacific Northwest: a literature synthesis. Cooperative Monitoring Evaluation and Research Report CMER 12-1202. Washington State Forest Practices Adaptive Management Program. Washington Department of Natural Resources, Olympia, WA.
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  • Cooperative Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Committee (CMER), Forest Practices Board, Washington State
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  • Personal Service Contract #11-350
  • Prepared for: The State of Washington Forest Practices Adaptive Management Program, Department of Natural Resources



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