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  • In 1973 Oregon entered into a cooperative State/Federal Dungeness Crab Management Program with the states of Washington and California, the National Marine Fisheries Service, and the Pacific Marine Fisheries Commission. A study team consisting of two economists and a biologist was hired to review the Dungeness crab fishery and management practices on a coastwide basis. Two of the initial tasks assigned to the study team were to evaluate the crab season opening dates and the use of escape ports in crab pots. The Management and Research Division has reviewed their evaluation and is recommending two changes in the current crab regulations: 1) the Oregon crab season for 1975-76 open December 1, if California and Washington adopt the same date; if not the Oregon season should open December 1. 2) All Dungeness crab pots for commercial use have minimum of two circular escape ports of at least 4 3/8 inches in diameter located at top or side of the pot. Metacarcinus magister
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