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  • The Chardonnay clonal trial was harvested on September 29th this year at the end of a week of unusually hot and dry weather. Most of the vines had been pruned to 20 nodes per vine but crop load was light due to small clusters. Yields ranged from less than 0.5 tons/acre to 1.95 tons/acre. As was seen last year, clones UCD 4 and UCD 5 had the highest cluster weights and UCD 4 had the highest yields in the trial. Clone UCD 16 had serious problems with the lowest clusters per vine and the lowest cluster weights. This is a very distinct clone, easily identified by its unusual leaf dentation pattern. The Dijon clones and ESP 352 had low cluster weights and yields with the exception of DJN 75 which had higher yields. Cluster weights of the Dijon clones in this trial were low for Oregon Chardonnay. Interestingly the cluster weights and yields of Chardonnay clones DJN 76, 78, and 96 were equal to the cluster weights of the Pinot noir clones DJN 113, 114, and 115 in the same trial, grown under similar management conditions, and harvest of the Chardonnay clones this year was only two days later than the Pinot noir clonal trial (Table 1).
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