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Wildlife Species Associations with Specific Attributes of the Wetland Vegetation Communities of Michigan Public Deposited

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  • This report is intended to provide a foundation for eventually developing one module of the Michigan Rapid Assessment Method (MiRAM). Specifically, it provides information on specific attributes of wetlands that can be used, along with information on species ranges, to help predict the assemblage of wildlife species most likely to be found in a particular wetland or wetland community type. Such information is important for determining which wetlands may contribute the most to regional biodiversity, and which might be enhanced to improve that capacity. In turn, that information is important to decisions regarding assessment of impacts, mitigation requirements, and design of compensatory wetlands. This report does not provide a ready-to-go set of integrated models for scoring the habitat functions of a specific wetland. Developing that capacity would require considerably more resources than were available for this initial phase. This report is organized as follows. Section 2.0 provides information for predicting individual species likely to occur regularly, either as migrants or breeders, within various wetland vegetation communities and within wetlands having specific attributes. This information is also compiled in an accompanying electronic database. Section 3.0 provides a brief synthesis of this information, summarizing the key factors important to each of the major groups (guilds) of wildlife.
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  • Adamus, P.R. 2007. Wildlife Species Associations with Specific Attributes of the Wetland Vegetation Communities of Michigan Report and database prepared for the Michigan Natural Features Inventory and Michigan Department of Transportation.
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  • Michigan Department of Transportation
  • Michigan Natural Features Inventory



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