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  • This document provides the latest science and best biological judgment to assist in making management decisions. Fortunately, recent emphasis on sage-grouse conservation has resulted in a substantial number of publications dealing with a variety of aspects of sage-grouse ecology and management, summarized in the 2010 listing petition (75 FR 13910), as well as Knick and Connelly (2011b). Habitat requirements and other life history aspects of sage-grouse, excerpted from the USFWS listing decision (75 FR 13910), are summarized in Appendix A to provide context for the proposed conservation measures. We have attempted to describe the scientific basis for the conservation measures proposed within each program area. Perspectives on the nature and interpretation of the available science are in Appendix B. The conservation measures described in this report are not an end point but, rather, a starting point to be used in the BLM’s planning processes. Due to time constraints, they are focused primarily on priority sage- grouse habitat areas. General habitat conservation areas were not thoroughly discussed or vetted through the NTT, and the concept of connectivity between priority sage-grouse habitat areas will need more development through the BLM planning process.
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