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  • With funding from the Bezos Family Foundation, Battelle, the Columbus Foundation, and the Harold C. Schott Foundation, Explorer at Large (XAL) partnered with the PAST Foundation and Oregon State University (OSU) for a pilot implementation of their videos and instructional materials in Central Ohio schools. XAL is a new initiative that aims to engage, inspire and educate PreK-12 students through freely distributed videos in the context of a broader learning ecology that includes classroom instructional materials and out-of-school activities, including Family Moments that encourage parent-student engagement. In this pilot implementation, XAL content was placed in front of a sample of roughly 600 kindergarten and 3rd grade students across the central Ohio region as a proof of concept exercise to understand the extent to which teachers could implement the materials effectively in ways that resulted in student outcomes. A research team from OSU implemented an effectiveness study to demonstrate the extent to which the materials can be successfully utilized by teachers and to measure student outcomes. This report summarizes the findings of the effectiveness study, drawing on data collected using a variety of strategies and perspectives. The report concludes with recommendations to inform future refinement of the materials and guide scale-up efforts.
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  • Bonebrake, V., Riedinger, K., & Storksdieck, M. (2018): Explorer at Large: Pilot Implementation Study Report. Technical Report. Corvallis, OR: Oregon State University.
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