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Cruise report YALOC '66 : description of the cruise of the R/V Yaquina in the northeastern Pacific Ocean from 20 April to 29 July, 1966 Public Deposited

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  • Reference 66-10
  • Technical report no. 74
  • This report is a description of the first extended oceanographic cruise made by staff of the Department of Oceanography, Oregon State University, aboard the Research Vessel YAQUINA. The purpose is to describe the track made good and the observational programs undertaken for the information of those who may wish to use the data or discuss the results with the scientists concerned. The cruise was arranged so that the YAQUINA could participate in Mohole investigations off Hawaii. Geophysical, chemical, and hydrographic data were collected en route to Honolulu during May 1966. The leg from Honolulu to Adak made possible collections of samples of deep water for studies of its physical and chemical properties and some experiments to determine productivity. Work near the Aleutian Islands was principally measurement of gravity and magnetism; hydrographic data were also collected. Dredging on a seamount and on the deep sea floor was the major effort in the Gulf of Alaska; hydrographic casts and one otter trawl were also made. A gravity run into Dixon Entrance, several trawis, hydrographic stations, and monitoring the Newport line comprised the work on the leg from Ketchikan to Newport. The events of the cruise are given in the narrative of the voyage, written by Dr. Park, who was on board for all parts of the cruise, except the Mohole work off Hawaii. A brief summary of the studies made and sampling programs conducted has been written for each area of oceanography by a member of the scientific party who was on board during the last leg of the voyage. These summaries have been kept very brief, and the reader is cautioned that the discussions are by no means comprehensive. Some results of the hydrographic work analyzed on board ship are included.
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