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Hunting Sage-Grouse, Impacts and Management Public Deposited

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  • Ten of 11 states where Greater Sage-grouse occur allow hunting of sage-grouse. Sage-grouse have been state-listed as Threatened in Washington since 1998, and have not been hunted since 1990. Although sage-grouse were found not warranted for listing under the Endangered Species Act in 2015 (FR 80:59858-59942), concern over the potential consequences of a Federal listing have raised questions about the potential impact of hunting on sage-grouse populations. It is important to note that the Fish and Wildlife Service, in their assessment of threats in the 2015 not-warranted listing decision, did not view regulated hunting as a significant threat to the species, but described the need for continued close attention by state wildlife agencies to monitor population trends and adjust seasons if needed (FR 80:59924). This paper reviews scientific information pertaining to impacts of regulated hunting on sage-grouse populations and describes measures states have taken to minimize potential impacts of sage-grouse hunting.
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