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An adult education program for Orissa, India

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  • The objectives of this study include an attempt to determine what broad fields of education are most essential to the welfare of Orissa in the light of her intense current problems. It must suggest definite goals and areas for study by the adults of the province. Some development of the methods or approaches by which this education may be brought to the people and their interest and cooperation enlisted in the program seems necessary. My own thinking in relation to the immediate problems of my missionary task and the wider problem of the constructive change of Oriya culture-patterns needs to be clarified. It will serve a useful function to present in clear fashion the problem and possible steps toward its solution to colleagues and officials. A study of the setting in which education is to take place is essential to any determination of either the content or the method to be used in that education. Both philosophical assumptions and the experience of comparable groups in other parts of the world need consideration before goals and areas of study can be satisfactorily decided. The problems of inaugurating such a program and guiding it to a successful conclusion involve psychological and sociological factors of considerable interest. It is hoped that some concrete suggestions may be evolved which can be applied within mission circles pending action by the larger provincial or Oriya speaking whole.
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