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  • This strategic plan is a bold and imaginative call for the libraries to reposition itself with the OSU community. Key stakeholder groups including faculty, students, and the Library Advisory Council expect the libraries to be a prominent player as Oregon State University moves to implement the campus strategic plan. Each stakeholder group agreed that a Tier One university must have a Tier One research library. This means aggressively acquiring new resources and targeting available resources in a manner required to meet the increasing requirements of faculty and students. OSU faculty and students have very clear expectations of the libraries. They want information delivered to them wherever they are located quickly and efficiently. In other words, they want the advantage of a Google search combined with high quality content. They want full text information and they want a means to easily share this information with other students and researchers. Finally, they expect OSU Libraries to take responsibility for ensuring that information in digital format will be archived and preserved with a set of standards that guarantees future access. To meet these needs, OSU Libraries must focus on supporting the themes identified in the OSU strategic plan where it has the ability to make the greatest impact. Currently, this means focused attention to natural resources, atmospheric sciences, and engineering and technology. We will do this by developing strong partnerships with faculty and students who teach and research in these fields. These partnerships will lead to discovering new funding opportunities, creating targeted digital collections to support student and faculty research, and redeploying library faculty to spend more time in the colleges. OSU Libraries recognizes that the academic success of OSU students will require that the libraries play a greater role in the areas of student recruitment and retention. We will do this through increased participation in such programs as OSU CONNECT as well as collaborating with teaching faculty to increase student awareness of library resources. The libraries are committed to designing virtual college libraries that will target individual student learning needs. To do this successfully, the libraries will work to develop tools to assess learning outcomes as well as best practices for teaching students with varying learning styles. Finally, OSU Libraries will work with others to ensure that students have barrier-free access to all library services. In recognition of the growing need to provide information to support colleges and programs involved in economic development activities, OSU libraries will expand its role as an information broker in the state. We will be a critical partner in fostering economic development by increasing our partnership with OSU Extension Services; by greater involvement with the Institute for Natural Resources; and by developing tools and resources that make remote access to library information seamless. OSU Libraries embarks upon its strategic plan with enthusiasm and confidence. Through our current partnerships with the College of Forestry and the Institute for Natural Resources, we have proven that we can bring critical information to students, faculty, and state policy makers in an organized and efficient manner. By filling our Gray Family Chair for Innovative Library Services, we are positioned to be a national and international player in the world of digital information.
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