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Monitoring and Reporting Insect Pests in Cole Crops and Sweet Corn (VegNet) : Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission Final Project Report, 2016

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  • This year, we commemorate 20 years of OSU’s VegNet (1996-2016). VegNet has become a well-known and utilized resource for processed vegetable growers, researchers, and Ag professionals throughout Oregon. This regional program provides weekly activity reports for common broccoli, cauliflower, sweet corn, and snap bean pests. The main goal of the program is to serve as an early warning and detection network, to inform growers of potential pest outbreaks that may warrant increased field scouting and action. Notable trends from 2016 include extensive Cabbage Looper pressure, a continued increase of Cucumber Beetle species (12-spot and striped), and new Armyworms to be aware of. It is becoming apparent that pest activity can vary widely between field sites. Although the regional average is useful, it should not be the only metric used when considering if and how to treat for pests. The e-newsletter subscriber base continues to grow, and other organizations have expressed interest in emulating the program’s success. VegNet was highlighted in a recent video produced by Washington State University, and OSU’s Small Farm Program conducted workshop trainings based on existing VegNet methodology.
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