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Evaluation of Pinot noir Clones in Oregon Public Deposited

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  • Pinot noir research in Oregon is aimed at improving wine quality and production and at increasing the diversity of virus-free clonal material available to our wine industry. Numerous clones of Pinot noir have been identified in France where the cultivar is known for its wide range of genetic variability. Because Pinot noir performance can vary dramatically from one wine growing region to another, it is important for us to evaluate a selection of Pinot noir types in our region of Western Oregon. In the mid 1970's a program was started by the Oregon wine industry and Oregon State University to introduce and evaluate a selection of virus-free Pinot noir clonal material. Several clones were obtained from the University of California at Davis (UCD) and additional clones were obtained directly from France and indexed virus-free at OSU. The primary commercial clones in Oregon are the 'Pommard' and 'Wadenswil'selections from the Davis collection. Both can produce excellent Pinot noir in Oregon and they are the standards by which we judge the other clones. Several of the UCD clones have recently been indexed positive for stem-pitting virus (SP), including UCD 4 (and its heat-treated version UCD 5), UCD 12, and UCD 17. However, these clones appear to be healthy under Oregon growing conditions.
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