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Summary Report of the Recent Visit to Various European Wine Research Institutes Public Deposited

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  • The WAB granted me a travel grant of $500 to spend two weeks visiting Helmut Becker at Geisenheim, Germany; Norbert Becker in Freiburg, Germany; Pierre Huglin and Christophe Schneider at Colmar, France; Raymond Bernard and Pierre Dupuy in Dijon, France; and Alain Carbonneau at Bordeaux, France. A full and quite detailed report is on file with WAB and is available from me upon request. Address requests to: Porter Lombard, Department of Horticulture, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97331. Also, I am available to discuss the report and visit with grower groups this year. However, I'll briefly summarize the visit in this report to let you know the value of my findings. The hospitality and availability of the European researchers really was very impressive as others who have visited them will testify. Some may have institutional funds available for hosting but I was most impressed with their generous time devoted to show us the tourist sights besides industry and research plots. Always they would include a visit to their tasting cellar or a winery's 'cav' to taste a range of wines particularly to demonstrate the effect of new varieties, clones, trellising methods, or vintage on wine quality. It was a very valuable learning process.
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