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Initial Development of Artificial Diets for the Lobster, Homarus americanus Public Deposited

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  • Growth trials are described for a series of artificial diets designed for the lobster, Homarus americanus. Methods of preparation and ingredients used for each of the manufactured feeds are presented. Details of experimental conditions are provided and results of growth trials are discussed. The influence of animals of differing genetic backgrounds on the results are also delineated. Normalized biomass increase, defining growth response as a function of survivability and wet weight increase, shows two promising artificial diets for use in studies on lobster nutrition. Diet 1, similar to a standard shrimp diet, gives 39% of the growth response of control animals fed live brine shrimp. Diet 2 is more nutritionally defined and yields 25% of the growth response of the control group.
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  • Seattle, Washington
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  • Research sponsored by NOAA Office of Sea Grant, Department of Commerce, under Grant #94-158-FA4.
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  • pages 237-248



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