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  • A Pinot noir maturity study began in 1987 at WoodhaU Vineyards in Alpine to monitor the compositional changes that occur during ripening. Extensive fruit sampling and analysis has been done throughout the ripening period for six years. In several years replicated wine lots were also produced from fruit harvested on different dates during the ripening season. The wines differed in intensity and complexity throughout the ripening period, however, the changes observed have not been predictable by monitoring traditional harvest parameters such as sugar content and acidity. The physiological processes of maturation in grapes are not well understood, especially with respect to the factors affecting the development of color, phenolics, and aroma and flavor. The data we have obtained from this research is helping us develop a maturity data base as well as unique 'profiles' of fruit maturation over several vintages. Our goal is to develop better harvest indices related to grape maturity and wine quality to enable commercial winegrowers to harvest fruit at optimal maturity.
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