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Survey of Techniques to Control Bird Damage Public Deposited

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  • A survey of costs of various techniques to control bird damages to grapes will be conducted this fall by Oregon State University in a project funded by the Oregon Wine Advisory Board. Costs of equipment, materials, labor, maintenance and interest on loans will be compiled for a variety of control techniques (including netting and frightening devices. Use of mesurol had been planned but will be omitted as this repellent has not been reregistered for use this fall). Average cost per technique will be compiled and compared to provide a range of control method costs. Other factors (acreage, grape variety, age of vineyard) will be included to provide as broad a coverage of typical costs as possible. Later in the fall, a subsample of 20 vineyards per control technique will be sampled by technicians from Oregon State University to provide estimates of damage levels associated with each control technique.
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