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  • This Instruction Memorandum (IM) provides the policy on tracking and reporting surface disturbance and reclamation within and outside of Greater Sage-grouse (GRSG) Priority Habitat Management Areas (PHMA). The Approved Resource Management Plan Amendments for the Rocky Mountain and Great Basin GRSG Regions and Nine Approved Resource Management Plans in the Rocky Mountain GRSG Region (collectively referred to as the GRSG Plans) require the BLM to track disturbance and reclamation in designated GRSG Priority Habitat Management Areas (PHMA). The Surface Disturbance Analysis and Reclamation Tracking Tool (SDARTT) will be used to fulfill this requirement. Authorized Officers outside of GRSG PHMA may choose to use SDARTT to track disturbance and reclamation. This IM explains the capabilities of the national web-based SDARTT, user support options, and guidance for field offices (FOs) use an existing disturbance and reclamation tracking tool. Additionally, the IM provides information and policy about the annual all-land disturbance estimates on PHMA in GRSG Biologically Significant Units (BSUs), which are defined in the GRSG Plans finalized in September 2015. This policy will be implemented in conjunction with the protocols in the GRSG Plans' disturbance cap calculation method appendix, GRSG Monitoring Framework, and GRSG Implementation Guide.
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