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MESUROL (METHIOCARB): Review of 'Status' and of OSU Related Research Public Deposited

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  • Recently there has been publicity concerning the finding of Methiocarb residues in some wines, including wines from Oregon, Washington and New Zealand. This article reviews the current (and potential future?) "status" of the use of Mesurol as a bird repellent on grapes in light of recent Federal legislation and of the research results concerning Mesurol obtained at O.S.U. (and elsewhere). The O.S.U. research was conducted by the Department of Food Science under the direction of the author and with the cooperation of the Department of Agricultural Chemistry, under the direction of Dr. Max Deinzer. This research commenced in 1978 with the objective of obtaining information on the Methiocarb residues on grapes to assist with possible registration. The study was also undertaken to determine whether Methiocarb residues (and metabolites) remained in wine, and if so whether they had any effect on fermentation or sensory properties of wine (refer below).
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