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Research activities of the School of Engineering, annual report, 1960-61

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  • This report describes research activities in the Oregon State University School of Engineering during the school year 1960-61. Projects are listed according to the department wherein the work is conducted. Advanced degrees in engineering, which were conferred at the June 1961 Commencement, are listed in a separate section along with the sis titles. A final section lists the various publica­tions of the engineering staff during the year. Some projects in the departments are supported by the Engi­neering Experiment Station. This consists of several research as­sistantships and other limited support for materials and supplies. In addition, the engineering departments in which the research is carried out provide facilities and equipment. The Engineering Ex­periment Station administers a number of projects which are sup­ported by state, federal, or industrial agencies. In listing research projects, source of financial support is indicated. Where no source is mentioned, the research is completely supported by the depart­ment in which the work is conducted.
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