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Improving the Utility of Upbeet (Triflsulfuron) Herbicide in Table Beets : Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission Final Project Report, 2014

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  • Despite the availability of several herbicides in table beets, weed control is still problematic. UpBeet (triflusulfuron; DuPont) was recently labeled, but the labeled timings and rate are inadequate for optimum weed control, particularly for lambsquarters. An experiment was placed at the OSU Vegetable Research Farm to determine the tolerance of 2-leaf table beets to UpBeet when applied at double the currently labeled rate of 0.5 oz/A, and to beets at the cotyledon stage at 0.5 oz/A. Upbeet applied at these timings and rates significantly improved lambsquarters control and ultimately provided the largest yield. UpBeet injury to table beets at these rates and timings was insignificant. The UpBeet label could be expanded to encompass application of 0.5 oz/A at the cotyledon stage, or to increase the rate to 1 oz/A when applying to table beets at the 2-leaf stage.
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