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Taking Stock of the STEM Beyond School Project: Accomplishments and Challenges: An Evaluation Report Prepared for the OSU Extension 4-H and Portland Metro STEM Partnership Team Public Deposited

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  • The Center for Research on Lifelong STEM Learning was invited by the Oregon State University Extension Service 4-H Youth Development and the Portland Metro STEM Partnership to evaluate Year 1 of the STEM Beyond School (SBS) project. The STEM Beyond School project seeks to improve underserved youth’s access to and interest in STEM learning through: 1) the development of a statewide network of out-of-school providers focused on STEM learning opportunities, 2) building capacity of out-of-school providers to deliver effective STEM programming, and 3) delivering high dose programming to underserved youth. The Center evaluated the impact of the first year of programming on several youth outcomes (attitude towards learning, persistence in solving problems, active engagement with science, connection with and enjoyment in the program itself, and attitude toward science including whether they can succeed in science), assessed the type and quality of programming offered to youth, and analyzed the development of a state-wide network that supports out-of-school learning. As a demonstration/pilot project, the SBS project focused on collecting data that would address outcomes of the project and inform the development of a sustainable infrastructure that would support a Networked Learning Community of community-based STEM education providers. This report draws from various data collection methods to provide insights into the development of the STEM Beyond School network and the potential impact of out-of-school programming on youth’s learner identity and associated factors which contribute to the development of interest in STEM and STEM learning. Data were collected from SBS Regional Coordinators, Program Providers, and youth participants through online and paper-based surveys; interviews with Regional Coordinators and Program Providers; and reporting workbooks and self-assessment tools completed by Program Providers.
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  • O’Connell, K.; Keys, B. Storksdieck, M. Staus, N. (2017). Taking Stock of the STEM Beyond School Project: Accomplishments and Challenges. Technical Report. Corvallis, OR: Center for Research on Lifelong STEM Learning.
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