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  • Ruchi Glades is proposed for designation as a Research Natural Area. It is located on the upper slopes of Oregon Caves National Monument which is administered by the National Park Service. Ruchi Glads has an impressive diversity of plant communities for such a small area. The Oregon Natural Heritage Plan (Oregon Natural Heritage Advisory Council 1998) identifies natural area needs within Oregon’s ecoregions based on natural vegetation types. The Ruchi Glades PRNA supports two vegetation needs for the Klamath ecoregion: Douglas-fir – white fir forest at high elevation; and Sawwort - arrow-leaved groundsel lush meadow (originally defined as: #76 Wetland on calcareous substrates with willow and sawwort). The purpose of an RNA is to facilitate ecosystem processes with little or no human interference and to study them and their effects. These goals are conducive with the management of a Research Natural Area within the Monument. Therefore, major changes in management are not necessary with RNA designation.
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  • Murray, M. 2001. Proposal to Establish Ruchi Glades Research Natural Area. Oregon Natural Heritage Program. Portland, OR. 12 pp.
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