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Proposal for Development of a State/Federal Fisheries Management Plan for the California, Oregon and Washington Dungeness Crab Fishery : Phase I Completion Report Public Deposited

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  • California, Oregon and Washington, in cooperation with the National Marine Fisheries Service and the Pacific Marine Fisheries Commission, have initiated a coastwide Dungeness Crab Management Program. The primary objective of the program is to develop economic and biological information essential in supporting management decisions leading toward better management of the crab fisheries. The program was planned as a two-phase study. This report presents the results of Phase I which concentrated to a large extent on examining available data on fertility and meat yield of large female crabs, mortality of crabs caused by certain fishery practices, movement of crabs, sport fishing for crabs, and evaluating the appropriateness of the states' current seasons and of alternative seasons which could be implemented. Literature reviewed during the course of the study are included in two bibliographies.
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  • The preparation of this report was supported by NMFS Contract No. 03-3-208-293 through May 31, 1974 and by NMFS Contract No. 03-4-208-264 June 1 through August 1974. These contracts are administered by the Pacific Marine Fisheries Commission on behalf of the participating states.
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