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Weed control in orchard crops - 1962 [preliminary draft] Public Deposited

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  • In herbicide plots on tree fruits in the Willamette Valley and at Hood River there has been a consistent correlation between weed control effectiveness and tree growth in young orchards. This appears to be particularly true of weed control during the spring and summer obtained from spring applications as compared to control of winter growing weeds by fall applications of herbicides. Best results are often obtained with a split application, half of the herbicide being applied in the spring and half in the fall. Degree of weed control obtained by the various herbicide treatments was often dependent on the prevalent weed species; but combinations of amitrole with simazine or diuron gave contnol superior to that obtained with applications of a single material in most cases. A number of weed control plots in tree fruit crops were established in 1959. Results on these plots were reported through 1960. The following is a report of data from 1961 to the present.
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