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  • Recent advances in diagnostic expert systems have been limited by the crucial Knowledge Acquisition Problem: to bring expert heuristics into logical, condi­tional rule forms useful for computer aided diagnosis. Some automatic systems with potential biomedical relevance that do acquire knowledge are reviewed here, and analyzed from the standpoint of possible scientific advancement. The re­viewed projects are: PLANT/ds, for diagnosis of crops diseases; RX, for study of rheumatic cases and treatments; and the statistics oriented GUHA-80 strategy, which has been applied medically but has more general aims. The last two pro­jects are of more interest to clinical and biometrical researchers, respective­ly, while the first one has been more clearly successful in automating diag­nostic knowledge acquisition. Comparisons of their three different learning strategies then leads to preliminary suggestions for combining their positive features into a second-level, enhanced knowledge acquisition system (EKAS).
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